Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tweets from twits

The brains of ERC (Catalan Republican Left) comment on German businesspeople in Catalonia who have expressed concern about independence.

It’s terrible that top people in German companies, which got rich thanks to the Nazis and were accomplices to millions of murders, criticise Catalan nationalism.
 Joan Tardà, Member of the Spanish Parliament

These German businessmen who act at the PP’s dictate have violated the principle of non-interference in internal affairs. 75 years ago the Condor did too.

The Condor Legion was a German air force unit that supported Franco in the Spanish Civil War. It bombed Guernica.

These German businessmen who do not represent the majority of who work in in Catalonia, but do represent the most conservative sector that has also opposed Catalan.

Josep Huguet. Minster of Innovation, Universities and Business in the former Catalan three-party government.

Godwin’s Law says that if you mention the Nazis you’ve lost the argument.

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