Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Subsidising the media

In 2013 the Catalan government gave almost €3m to the media. This is not normal commercial aid or advertising. We are talking of direct cash subsidies to newspapers and other media that publish in Catalan. It is no surprise that the media are so tame and supportive of the government. The main beneficiaries are:
La Vanguardia €835,436.20
El Periódico €520,865.24
El Punt Avui €481,788.12
Ara €333,867.24
Diari de Girona €150,630.48
In all, the print media got €2.2m and radio, TV and online media got another half million. About 300 conventional media outlets and 50 digitals got money. 

That does not include the huge amount of public money that goes directly to the bottomless pit of TV3.

The frightening things is that so few people think this is all that unusual.

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