Wednesday, March 12, 2014

ERC and how Catalans are different

One common criticism of nationalists is that they want to put people into separate boxes with mutually exclusive labels. Usually they deny it but not always. Here on the contrary we have Josep Maria Terricabras, the lead candidate for ERC (Catalan Republican Left) in the European Parliament elections.
El candidato de ERC para las europeas de mayo, Josep Maria Terricabras

After very dark centuries, paved with authoritarian monarchical repression and extraordinarily anti-Catalan and cruel dictatorships, we all know that, in the last 35, there are also many breaches of faith and aggressions that Catalonia has received from the Spanish governments.

Quite how this squares with Catalonia being the richest region in Spain, so rich that he can claim (absolutely wrongly) that Spain is robbing it of €16bn, or that 300 years of Spanish occupation has made it the wealthiest region in Spain, is not exactly clear. He goes on:

I am of those who believe in the unity of the human being and don’t believe for anything in the strange statement, widely accepted today, according to which it is normal for current day citizens to have a lot of simultaneous identities. I do not understand how having multiple identities is seen as so good when until a short time ago the psychiatrists were treating it, and it seems to me that they still are treating it. Also, I ask myself, if we get retired with one identity, how can we hope to get ahead with lots of current identities that sometimes disagree with each other?
Shall I just bang my head on the nearest brick wall?

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